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Why choose prok for your conveyor system? PROK Pty Ltd - Quality Conveyor Equipment has a long history of manufacturing quality conveyor components for local and international markets dating back to 1880. Recognised as the industry standard, PROK has designed and built conveyors and components found in most mines, ports and other large bulk material handling plants.

What is the prok offering? The PROK offering includes components with an emphasis on performance and reliability, for light, medium and heavy-duty applications, across the full range of PROK conveyor rollers, idlers, pulleys, belt cleaners, and conveyor accessories.

Where are prprok products made? PROK, has multiple manufacturing facilities around the globe, in the West Coast of Australia, the East Coast of Australia, Santiago Chile, and Vespasiano Brazil as well as sales offices in Indonesia, Florida, and Breckinridge.

Where are prok pulleys made? PROK has facilities located in Perth Australia, Newman Australia, Jakarta Indonesia, Mackay Australia, Gosford Australia, Santiago Chile, Vespasiano Brazil, Vancouver Canada, Breckenridge USA, Orlando USA and in addition to rollers and idler frames, PROK builds pulleys for the world market.

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PROK Specialists in Conveyor Technology

Over 50 years experience in conveyor equipment manufacturing and supply. Dedicated in-house engineering and design. Global manufacturing capabilities. Market leaders in roller design and engineering. Bespoke solutions for all applications. 2 million rollers and 3000 pulleys manufactured every year.

PULLEYS Bulk Handling Guide Australia

With more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing conveyor components our PROK offering includes rollers frames pulleys and belt cleaners sheaves safety and control devices . The PROK offering includes components with an emphasis on performance and reliability, for light, medium and heavy duty applications, across the full range of PROK

Company History PROK Conveyor Equipment

Over 130 years of proven records in quality conveyor equipment. PROK International Ltd now known as PROK Pty Ltd was founded in 1948. It has, in fact, a history through a series of amalgamations with companies of complementary interests dating from 1880. The vast range of PROK skills, resources, industry data, and experience available today

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