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How do i check if my verizon phone number is working? To confirm that your phone is working smoothly, ring #382. Wait for at least 5 minutes before you turn it back on again. Call #288 and then type 1 when asked to, in the call and then, end the call. Dial #382 and verify that your new Verizon number is working and valid.

Why am i getting so many spam calls from verizon? Someone is spoofing your number. This is usually unscrupulous cold sales calls. The scammers have figured out that someone is likely to answer a phone number that is local, so they are randomly choosing a phone number and calling similar numbers. It did not come from you, you cannot be charged for the calls, it has nothing to do with Verizon.

Why cant i receive phone calls on my verizon phone? While this does not affect your data, it will delete all saved Wi-Fi passwords. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. After that, I would not know of any reason a single caller could not be received. If you have not blocked them, either on the phone or through Verizon, contact Verizon and open a case with them.

Can verizon customers sign up for my numbers? At this time, Verizon Wireless prepaid customers, business customers and government accounts (federal, state and local) are not eligible to sign up for My Numbers. For business customers, Verizon does have a solution for businesses who want to add an additional line of service, called One Talk. Learn more about One Talk.

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IPhone not Receiving Calls from Certain Numbers? 14 Fixes

The iPhone not receiving calls or not making calls issue is not just annoying, to most iPhone users, the problem can be frustrating. The problem could force you to miss important business calls and calls from people you care about. The iPhone 6/7/8/X/11/12 not receiving calls issue is very common.

My Numbers FAQs Verizon

My Numbers is an app-based service that allows you to subscribe to up to 4 virtual phone numbers for use as additional phone numbers on your existing smartphone. You can make and receive calls and texts from any of these virtual phone numbers all on one device. Visit our My Numbers How to Use Guide for step-by-step instructions on adding a

Verizon: How to Forward or Transfer a Landline Number to a

To forward All Calls Immediately: Lift your telephone’s receiver, and press *72, or rotary dial When you hear two short tones, enter the ten-digit number you want your calls forwarded to. Once the call is answered, Verizon call forwarding will be activated. To deactivate, dial *73 or rotary dial

How to Block Numbers, Calls, Ads, Text Messages Verizon

Verizon Smart Family™ – Block specific numbers permanently. For $4.99/month, you can: Permanently block calls and messages from up to 20 domestic and international numbers. Block all restricted, unavailable or private numbers. Restrict calls, texts and data during a certain time of day. Block inappropriate apps and websites.

How to Use Your Tablet as a Phone Verizon Wireless

WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an easy-to-use app that allows you to send texts and make voice and video calls over Wi-Fi.You don’t even have to make a username: just connect the app to your phone number and you’re good to go. Also, there are no international charges, so chatting with international friends or making calls while you’re abroad is both easy and affordable.

Switched cell service, kept number, both phones still work

January 30 UPDATE: Sometime yesterday evening the port finally finished and my new phone started receiving calls. A big thank you to everyone for informing me! I switched my cell phone service from Verizon to T-Mobile, in part because Verizon's network would always drop my calls and I did not have service at my house which happens to be in

Can't Make Calls Verizon Troubleshooter

Check to make sure Airplane Mode isn’t enabled. You may not be able to call a specific number, but the reason for this is that the contact entry for the number you’re trying to call is blocked in your contact list. Or if you aren’t able to make calls over Wi-Fi, checking the Wi-Fi Calling setting might reveal that it was turned off, and

Random phone numbers are receiving calls from my number!

My number would be on their phones so I would have a hard time convincing them that I didn't call them. This seems to happen in 2 month increments where I would get a lot of calls from people saying I called them and hung up. Then about 2 months where I get no calls at all. I wonder the fact that my phone roams on AT&T have anything to do with it ?

Verizon and Amazon Alexa Think You Want a Home Phone Again

Verizon announced today that its Number Share feature can be paired with Amazon Alexa and your Alexa-equipped home devices to call people and/or receive calls. The feature is officially called

Many TMobile customers report they can’t call Verizon, ...

T-Mobile customers started experiencing issues making and receiving calls around 2PM ET today. The problems appear to impact many calls to or from other wireless providers like Verizon and AT&T.

IPhone 11 not receiving calls Apple Community

So I purchased a new iPhone 11 from my Verizon carrier a couple of weeks ago. a couple days after using it, I noticed that people would try to call me and it would get sent straight to voicemail. I took my phone to the Verizon store, where the representative replaced the SIM card and reset the network settings.


All of a sudden I am not receiving incoming calls on my Landline. When I call my line from my cell phone you just hear it ring and it jumps to voicemail. Friends trying to call today just get a brief ring and then nothing.

Why does one of my phones not show texts and calls in the

Answer (1 of 4): Because the other phone has their WiFi turned off so their calls will go thru data instead of the other way, it’s a sneaky way to contact others that you do not want their numbers to appear in your Verizon bill. My hubby did this and I busted his ass, he would turn it off for cer

I am not receiving incoming Google Voice phone calls

When I use a different phone to call my number, I receive a Verizon message (carrier of the linked phone) that the phone is not in service. While this indicates that (perhaps) some connection exists - no record of these calls appears on the call log on the desktop or in the Android App. I appreciate any help. Thanks, RP

Receiving Calls While Overseas: Complete Howto Guide With

Calls will be charged at an international rate for the person making the call; the majority of providers around the world do not charge for receiving calls, in my experience. Receiving calls on a local SIM card is typically free for the person receiving the call; the person making the call likely has to pay international call fees.

Incoming Callers Get Busy Signal, Outgoing Calls Verizon

We were unable to receive incoming calls on our landline, but we had a dial tone and could make outgoing calls just fine. Everyone who called us got a busy signal, even though the line wasn't in use. When we called Verizon for technical support, they re-booted our router, checked our lines remotely, and had us disconnect our phones (in case the

Beware of This Deviously Good Verizon Scam

FB has a 2 things a person must verify to open an accout: a code generated by FB and your phone number. Every time I tried to use my phone number I rec’d a message from FB saying “invalid” Phone number. I kept trying and trying to get in...always receiving the message invalid phone number. I went to get help from a Veteran who was able to

Incoming calls from one phone number does... Apple Community

Answer: A: Check to see if somehow this number was inadvertently blocked on your device. See if it is in the Blocked list. That would be the only reason you would not receive a call from only one number. Go to Settings>Phone>Blocked. More Less. Posted on Jul 16, 2015 9:29 AM. View answer in context.

Can not receive calls from Verizon AT&T Community Forums

The message states that the phone you are trying to contact has restrictions. I can’t receive calls from them or text messages but they can contact other AT&T family members. No Verizon customer can contact me. I have an iPhone but my husband and son have an LG and theirs is doing the same thing.

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