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Who is the recipient of ocp insurance? The project’s contractor procures and pays for the policy, and ultimately is not the recipient of coverage from an OCP policy. Instead, the project owner is insured. OCP coverage is designed to protect project owners for liability that occurs as a result of the actions of their contractors.

What are the benefits of ocp for contractors? Better costs. While contractors may not be direct beneficiaries from OCP coverage, there are benefits from the policy for contractors. Namely, any losses are paid outside the insurance program, so doesn’t affect premiums, unlike CGL losses that cause contractors rates to increase in the next term.

What is the difference between general contractors liability and ocp insurance? While both general contractors’ liability and OCP insurance help pay expenses related to third-party injuries and property damage, they are not interchangeable policies.

What is ococp charged for? OCP is also charged with quality assurance for all purchases; warehousing and distribution of goods to agencies throughout the City; and the transfer, sale and other safe disposal of City agencies' surplus goods.

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