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Who owns the moviola company? Filmmaker Brad Mays editing his first feature film Stage Fright on an upright Moviola, 1987. Iwan Serrurier's son, Mark Serrurier, took over his father's company in 1946. In 1966, Mark sold Moviola Co. to Magnasync Corporation (a subsidiary of Craig Corporation) of North Hollywood for $3 million.

What is a moviola used for? A Moviola (/ˌmuːviˈoʊlə/) is a device that allows a film editor to view a film while editing. It was the first machine for motion picture editing when it was invented by Iwan Serrurier in 1924.

When did moviola become so popular? The need for portable editing equipment during World War II greatly expanded the market for Moviola's products, as did the advent of sound, 65mm and 70mm film. Filmmaker Brad Mays editing his first feature film Stage Fright on an upright Moviola, 1987.

Which film studios used the moviola? Many studios quickly adopted the Moviola including Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Charles Chaplin Studios, Buster Keaton Productions, Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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10 April 2020. In a time when we are all being told to keep our distance, Moviola HQ is busy helping venues get ready to re-open with a series of useful articles to prepare for new challenges and changes. Today we look at how easy and inexpensive it is to implement contactless payments for your venue.

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