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How do i run a benchmark using mlperf? Download the software repository for the benchmark which includes the code, scripts and documentation necessary to run the benchmark from the MLPerf GitHub repo: https://github.com/mlperf Download and verify the dataset using the scripts provided in the benchmark directory. This is run outside of docker, on the system under test.

What is mlperf and why does it matter for ai? It was the launch of a standardized protocol that spurred improvements in computing performance, and the AI industry is hoping for the same results for machine learning operations. MLPerf’s purpose is a broad approach to machine learning supported by both industry and research academia.

How fast are ipus for mlperf? In the tightly regulated closed category for MLPerf, we achieve stunning performance on an IPU-POD64 and a really impressive 37 minutes on our mainstream, commercially available IPU-POD16 system. We benchmarked with a wide range of interesting state-of-the-art networks and we see the IPUs are at least multiple times faster than the common GPUs.

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EETimes Why I joined MLPerf

MLPerf also included key contributors from Google’s TPU team, several of Intel’s products groups including the former Nervana team, Microsoft Azure, and many others. Simply put, I saw that MLPerf was bringing together some of the people who were going to build the future of machine learning.

MLPerf: Getting your feet wet with benchmarking ML

The benchmark run time is available in the log file. The results for my runs are displayed below. The average time for a run was 90 minutes and it ...

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