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How do i contact mercari customer service? Contact Mercari customer service. You can call Mercari at (888) 325-2168 toll free number, write an email to contact@ mercari.com, fill out a contact form on their website www.mercari.com, or write a letter to Mercari, Inc, PO Box 60178, 1530 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, California, 94306, United States.

How do i use mercari on my phone or tablet? Press the Mercari icon on your phone or tablet if you prefer to use the app. You will need to sign in to the app if you are not already signed into your account. If you are already on a product page, you do not need to close and reopen the app. The Help Center can be accessed from anywhere in the app.

How many people are using mercari app? Over 94% were found to be using the Mercari marketplace app. Part of the reason for the app soaring success are innovative features like the "Mercari Channel," a live streaming e-commerce service and the "Mercari NOW" service, which let Mercari customers to immediately receive cash for their items.

How do i reset my password for my mercari account? Look at the bottom of the member registration page, and you'll find a link labeled "Forgot password?". Click on it and then type the email address you used when you created your Mercari login and then tap "Reset Password". Mercari will send you an email named "Reset Password". Press on the link inside the email to reset your password.

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I found this person online on the Mercari app , I was intending to purchase a IPhone XR for 225$ I was in need of phone at the moment and he provided me with his phone number I did two payments 112$, the first one was done through the Cashapp and the the second payment through Applepay and he sent me a package after I did the payment he

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The seller uploads the tracking number into Mercari’s system. Rather than shipping your purchased item, the seller mails out a literal box of garbage (or rocks). When the carrier accepts the item, the seller will call and change the delivery address (most often, a random location within the city).

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Go to settings then to notifications.. it's on top.. edit number 2. level 2. LengthinessNo885. · 8m. xt for verification, problem is that I no longer have the same number that's on my account. How do I u. did this work for anyone i cant seem to find a change phone number anywhere. 1.

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