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How does lyra work with companies? We connect companies and their employees to mental health care that is effective, convenient, and personalized to their needs. We are revolutionizing how people find and receive care. In fact, Lyra helps people get care 21x faster and experience 3x better outcomes, which means they feel better, faster.

Why is bbh partnering with lyra? Lack of in-network therapists and long wait times led the firm to consider new solutions for their mental health benefits. After partnering with Lyra, 100% of BBH members have reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with their care. EAPs engage 2-3% of members, while Lyra sees 15% of employees sign up for care.

Why does daily life at lyra feel more like home? Daily life inside Lyra sometimes feels more like home than office. Here are two reasons why. We host weekly lunch-and-learns led by Lyrians and experts on mental health, psychotherapy, tech, data insights, and more. It’s an opportunity for us to get together as one big team and learn something new.

How does lyra compare to other eaps? EAPs engage 2-3% of members, while Lyra sees 15% of employees sign up for care. With Lyra, members can easily book appointments in just a few clicks. Providers within traditional networks only help 24% of members improve, if they measure effectiveness at all.

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SNOT: Hopkins C et al. Clin. Otolaryngol. 2009, 34, 447-454. LYR-210 is an investigational product candidate that is designed to enable six months of local anti-inflammatory therapy from a single treatment for CRS. LYR-210 is designed ...

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