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What is jaix logistics? JAIX Logistics is logistics software, and includes features such as 3PL, barcoding / RFID, container tracking, cross docking, inventory management, order management, scheduling, shipping management, and transportation management. With regards to system requirements, JAIX Logistics is available as SaaS and Windows software.

How do i get support for my jayex product? If you have a maintenance contract or are under warranty and are experiencing difficulties with any of your Jayex products, please contact us via our dedicated support form. This form will go through to our dedicated support team who are well trained, experienced and committed to helping all our customers.

Why choose jaix? The JAIX mission has remained unchanged: to offer highly effective, scalable and company-wide solutions that span all key operational and back office activities, including the total integration of the latest electronic technologies and customer web based services.

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JAIX Logistics Reviews and Pricing 2021

With regards to system requirements, JAIX Logistics is available as SaaS and Windows software. Costs start at $35000.00/one-time. JAIX Logistics includes online support and business hours support. Some alternative products to JAIX Logistics include iM3 Supply Chain Management Suite, Gurusoft LMS, and LOG-NET System.

Technical Support for All Jayex Products

Note: It can take a few minutes for the connection to re-establish itself. If the problem persists, please complete the contact form on this page and a member of our support team will contact you as soon as possible. Please note: Due to the high volume of tickets, responses may take longer than usual. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Jaix Software Information Jaix is a proud Australian Transport Management Software Company specialising in the Logistics Sector. We provide innovative technologies spanning local and national freight, warehousing, taxi truck, distribution, courier and line haul operations that together deliver the powerful Jaix Transport Management System.

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