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How do i contact idata customer service? Tel: 0344 84 76 766 Email: [email protected] *All calls made to iData are recorded for quality, training and legal reasons.

What does idata stand for? Innovators Developing Accessible Tools for Astronomy (IDATA) won the Public Choice award in the 2019 STEM for All Video Showcase. For more information or to receive updated news about IDATA, please contact the IDATA Leadership Team using the contact form.

Why choose idata for your business communications? iData offers expert and impartial advice about telephony, broadband, M2M connectivity, business mobile phones, IT support and data cabling. What iData offers that others do not is an in-house team of site surveyors, engineers and cabling and broadband installers, all dedicated to improving your business’ performance and communications.

How do i make an appointment at idata antalya? In order to enable you to make your application at our iDATA Antalya office, you have to make an appointment at our iDATA web page. The extra services which we offer at our office are the biometric photo shoot, passport delivery by cargo, taking photocopy and fax operations.

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Get in touch with us to know more about upcoming events and workshops! +39 02 28099066 [email protected]

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IDATA GROUP nasce nel 1979 affrontando le grandi trasformazioni del mercato e modellando la propria struttura tecnica e manageriale per adattarsi alle nuove sfide tecnologiche. La nostra azienda si basa su un assetto societario stabile, che non ha subito mutamenti nel corso degli anni e grazie al quale ha raggiunto gli obiettivi e le sfide prefissate.

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