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What is grackle docs? Grackle Docs has been an easy add-on tool to implement as an organization to move our digital content toward accessibility for all. The tool identifies what is inaccessible in your digital documents and gives you the steps to fix the issues according to current accessibility guidelines.

What is grackle suite? Grackle Suite™ is comprised of the only Google Add-Ons that check and remediate output from Google Workspace™ to make it more accessible. Accessibility is Good for Business! Create. Remediate. Educate.

How do you find a common grackle? Find This Bird. Common Grackles are familiar inhabitants of wet, open woodland and marshes as well as in suburbs, parks, and agricultural fields. A good way to find them is to scan large flocks of blackbirds and starlings. The tallest, longest-tailed blackbirds you see will most likely be Common Grackles.

What do common grackles eat? Common Grackles are resourceful foragers. They sometimes follow plows to catch invertebrates and mice, wade into water to catch small fish, pick leeches off the legs of turtles, steal worms from American Robins, raid nests, and kill and eat adult birds.

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