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What is the phone number for ghostbusters? Ghostbusters' phone number is 555-2368 from The Real Ghostbusters an American animated television series based on the hit movie. USA, dial code is 00 1. Tags: ghostbusters, television program.

What is the ghostbuster number? The Ghostbusters Had a Real 1-800 Number. During the film’s original theatrical release, director Ivan Reitman set up 1-800-555-2368 (the same number as in the flick) and had a recording of Raymond and Venkman on the other end. The number got 1,000 calls an hour, 24 hours a day, until it was shut down.

What is ghostbusters address? Film: Ghostbusters. Home: Dana Barrett. Address: 55 Central Park West, Manhattan. Nicknamed "Spook Central", the apartment building is located btw West 65th and 66th Streets.

Who is the ghost in ghostbusters? A Ghostbuster is a person or even in a few cases a spirit itself that performs duties of removal of a spirit (aka: ghost, apparition, the undead). Officially the Ghostbusters are paranormal investigators, not ghosthunters. Catching ghosts just happens to be their primary form of business.

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Ghostbusters Facebook

212-897-1964 Ghostbusters September 15, 2014 · They're ready to answer your call. Dial 212-897-1964 to get a very special #Ghostbusters message! 9.5K 546 Comments 5.1K Shares Like Comment Share Most relevant William Kopko Great to see the ghostbusters ...

Why 555 is always used for phone numbers on TV and in movies

"Pick up your phone and call the professionals: Ghostbusters." Narrator: Did you ever wonder why phone numbers in TV shows and movies always start with the numbers 555? 555-1125. It's 555-3455

Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s postcredits scenes finally give

Breaking down the ending, the bonus scenes, and the sequel possibilities for the latest Ghostbusters film. the Ghostbusters’ old phone number from their 1984 ads, and talks to Ray Stantz

Ghostbusters (mobile game) Ghostbusters Wiki Fandom

Not to be confused with Ghostbusters: Trap Game by Vivendi Games Mobile Ghostbusters top down puzzle game was released in 2005 for cell phones on Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, and Cingular (now AT&T) networks. Ghostbusters: Trap Game (2008 mobile game) Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast (2012 mobile game) Ghostbusters (Beeline's 2013 mobile game) ...

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