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Where is dpdporganizer located? DPOrganizer is located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, With customers in 20+ countries around the world, our software is built with the privacy professional top of mind.

What can you do with dporganizer? There is never a shrugged shoulder with DPOrganizer. Be able to plot data controllers, processors and third parties onto a map; or output elements of your processing activities into an exportable PDF report. Conduct your GDPR data protection impact assessments using a guided wizard.

What is dporganizers gdpr transparency widget? With the transparency widget, a dynamic tool is added to your site allowing data subjects to view aspects of your GDPR adherence. DPOrganizer is fully wizard driven, making GDPR adherence and management as simple as answering a number of questions. See it Live in Action!

Do you need an eu representative at dporganizer? Organizations based outside of the EU or EEA, but subject to the GDPR, are required to appoint an EU representative... Simon is DPOrganizer’s leading man in the UK, and has been at the company since 2017. Before that, he’s held... Just over three years ago, the GDPR was passed into law. Contrary to the scare before its enforcement, fines weren’t...

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No worries. DPOrganizer is built to easily grow with you. Simply get in touch with our customer success team. What type of organisations use DPOrganizer? DPOrganizer is flexible and suits small, medium and global enterprise businesses. We serve organisations of all sizes, in both the private and public sector.

How to conduct due diligence when dporganizer.com

If you are a controller considering engaging a processor, you can’t choose the one that suits you best based only on functionality. Even if that processor is selling the perfect product (e.g. software that is very easy to learn, a cloud service with unlimited storage capacity, etc.) or is offering the perfect deal – if it doesn’t provide sufficient guarantees to keep the personal data

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