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How can i get help with domo? Try us: Our world-class support resources are available 24/7 to help you make the most of your Domo experience. Please ask us. Domo provides a myriad of valuable self-help resources in our online Help Center—including videos, articles, and the interactive Dojo community.

What is domo business cloud? The Business Cloud brings together the data, the people, and the insights business users need to find answers to critical business questions and make faster, better-informed decisions to improve business performance. Domo also offers embedded analytics functionality.

What is a custom connector in domo? Domo’s Custom Connector Builder allows developers to create additional connections into Domo not included in the 450+ Connectors already offered. This opens the reach and fulfills the vision of agnostic data from any system on Domo’s platform. How do I know when Domo approves my custom connector?

How does data prep work with domo? Domo’s data prep tools use a drag-and-drop interface so non-technical users could easily prepare data. Data prep is streamlined with Domo’s data science diagnostic, data profile and data cleansing tools. Insights – The Insights module monitors and analyzes data, so users get automatic insights.

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Domo Support Domo

Domo is committed to answering all of your data and business questions, even when you're burning the midnight oil. Try us: Our world-class support resources are available 24/7 to help you make the most of your Domo experience. Online Customer Portal — support.domo.com.

About Us DOMO

DOMO has been built on a solid foundation of research, innovation and a customer-first policy. DOMO believes in providing customers with life long support. With fun-for-the-people on its agenda, Team DOMO always strives to give the best.

Developer FAQ & Support Domo

For additional help you can contact Domo support at support@domo.com. APIs from external data providers can generally be found through a simple Google search. If an API is not available you may need to contact the data provider, as their API may only be available to customers, behind authentication, or to select partners.

CUSTOMER STATEMENT: Broadcast Wireless Systems acquired by

We are pleased to announce that Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Codan Limited, has acquired 100% shares in Broadcast Wireless Systems (BWS).. Parent company Codan has a strategy of investing and strengthening our core businesses by developing new products, entering new geographies and leveraging our IP into ...

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