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What is dishcrafts ai powered dishwashing system? Bay Area-based robotics startup Dishcraft has unveiled a massive robotics and AI-powered dishwashing system. Like much of the rest of the industrial robotics industry, the company’s looking to automate a dull task with a high turnover rate, which amounts to about a month of employment on average. It’s a beast of a system from the looks of it.

Who is the co founder of dishcraft? Paul Birkmeyer, the company's co-founder and CTO, was previously co-founder of Dash Robotics, which made low-cost, build-it-yourself, bio-inspired robots promoting STEM engagement for kids. Dishcraft has been working on its automated dish room system since 2015, but this week marks the first public unveiling.

What is dishcrafts robotic dish cleaning system? The Dishcraft robotic system uses grey water and what the company calls "energy-efficient cleaning mechanisms" to clean each dish inpidually, rather than the batch cleaning performed by conventional machines.

Should dishcraft offer dishwashing as a service? That sharply limits the potential market for these robots, so Dishcraft is considering offering dishwashing as a service.

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Dishcraft is transforming the foodservice industry with a combination of automation, process innovation and service

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