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What is us customs phone number? The Customer Service Phone Number of US Customs is: (202) 325-8000. US Customs and Border Protection is one of the biggest law organization of United States that is accountable for the rules and regulations, that includes handling, marketing of goods, customs services, and Movements, and the organization was initiated on 1st March, in the year 2003.

What is a custom phone number? In the telecommunications industry, custom phone numbers are called vanity numbers. You can purchase a toll-free vanity number from a toll-free number provider. The toll-free provider then forwards the calls to your regular phone number. Local vanity numbers are provided by the local phone company.

What is customs office? (also customs' office) An office at a port, airport, or border crossing where customs duties are levied and collected, and documents relating to such duties are processed.

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Customs Support is your neutral and dynamic partner for customs matters in Europe. A fast growing company that stands for knowledge, speed and efficient and digital customs solutions. Every day, more than 1000 customs specialists are ready to take care of customs matters for your company. Our teams of experts consist of various specialist sectors.

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