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Who is crazy maple studio? Founded in January, Crazy Maple Studio, a pision of ChineseAll USA Corp, creates interactive games based on novels in a variety of genres. Called “ Chapters: Interactive Stories ,” these games tell a story featuring scenes in which readers can select a particular outcome.

How many games are in the crazy maple app? In August, Crazy Maple Studio launched its first four stories. It currently has eight games available in the app and will have three more before year’s end. As of this writing, Crazy Maple has had more than 550,000 downloads of the app from users in many parts of the world and the company expects to have more than 1 million by January.

What is the target audience for crazy maple? The demographic is largely female, 70 percent, between the ages of 18 and 30. Crazy Maple has a global audience with 50 percent of downloads in the US; 10 percent in the UK; 10 percent in Canada, Australia, Germany; and 10 percent in Asian Pacific markets. More than 50 percent of traffic to the app is through word of mouth.

Will liu cixins book help crazy maple reach new audiences? This month, Crazy Maple Studio will launch its first science-fiction book by Liu Cixin, the first Asian writer to win the Hugo Award for science fiction and known for the Three Body series. Jia says he believes this book will connect Crazy Maple to an even broader audience.

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Crazy Maple Studio

Crazy Maple Studio was born in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2017. Our goal: to bring fictional stories to life.

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