Quick Asked: Comcast Landline Phone Not Working?

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Why is my comcast internet not working? Your Comcast internet can drag due to various causes such as bandwidth problem or wrong configuration of the router , etc. So, you need to follow some handy tips to increase its speed so that it may not create an annoying situation for you.

Is comcast experiencing an outage? Comcast is experiencing a nationwide outage Comcast is currently experiencing a nationwide outage in the US, which explains why users on social media have been complaining that they were unable to connect to platforms like Sony’s PlayStation, Netflix, and Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Does comcast have good internet service? Comcast has been excellent in terms of service steady and super quick internet when I need to go online for the last seven years as their customer so the price may be considered not too desirable however my option to have that qualty or get less makes me pay what is their current asking price to keep the stellar product offered by them regardless.

Is comcast phone a land line service? Comcast does not make a phone, but Comcast's Xfinity Voice plan offers both local and long-distance landline telephone calls and can be combined into a Comcast "Triple Play" package with Internet and cable services. Additionally, how do I setup my Comcast home phone?

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Spectrum Landline Phone Not Working

SOLVED: landline phone ringer not working. ATT CL2940 . Phone Ifixit.com Show details . 7 hours ago The landline phone instrument is working fine supporting outgoing calls but the phone isn't ringing during incoming call, the phone loudspeaker is also working fine. Answered! View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers .

Comcast phone not working

Step 4 Contact Comcast with your cell phone if your landline service is not functioning at all, especially after an electrical storm. If you are using this model on a digital phone line (office, business line) it may not work. 23+ My Comcast Business Phone Is Not Working . device webgui) I have had in the past four months.

My Comcast Home Phone Is Not Working Review Home Co

My Comcast Home Phone Is Not Working. By Review Home Co October 29, 2018. 0 Comment. How to solve xfinity remote not working troubleshoot no dial tone on home phone xfinity cable and voice modem killing your home wi fi signal. Pics of : My Comcast Home Phone Is Not Working.

How to Troubleshoot Your Telephone Wiring

Beyond the demarcation jack, the phone wiring may lead to a junction box that serves as a switchboard for multiple lines running throughout the house. Each line may lead to one or more phone jacks. If there is a problem on one phone and not the others, examine this phone's jack and line back to the junction box.

Reset your voice modem (eMTA) Comcast Business

Use a pen or any pointed, non-metallic object to press the reset button until you see the lights on the front of the unit go off. Release the reset button and wait for the unit to fully restart (this may take up to five minutes). Once the lights have returned, your service should be restored.

Phone Not Working CenturyLink

Select Phone Problems and follow the prompts to identify what is wrong. From there, you will also have the option of opening a repair ticket or chatting with a support representative. The same steps that the Troubleshooter will present to you are also described below. 1. Check your signal at the network box.

What to Do If You Can't Receive Calls with Your Xfinity

If you're having trouble receiving phone calls with your Xfinity Voice service, try whichever of the following steps applies to you. Make sure your phone's ringer is turned on. If you hear half a ring on incoming calls, you may have Call Forwarding turned on. Check out how to deactivate Call Forwarding in Xfinity Voice Features: Call Forwarding.

If a landline phone is dead but the internet is working

Answer (1 of 4): It sounds like you are using DSL, ADSL or ADSL2. 1. check that all phones are connected to a DSL filter, but not the DSL modem. 2. It is also possible that there is a DSL filter where it is needed, but that filter could be defective without any ...

Troubleshooting support for Landline home phone customers

Explore your calling plan options and get order info. Get help with service problems, maintenance and wiring, and unwanted calls. Get support for voicemail, calling features, and more. Learn about phone and call options or how to get help if you’re having issues.

R/Comcast_Xfinity Xfinity Phone Not working (Internet

The site shows that everything is working fine due to the fact that the internet is working and tv is working. Tonight (when we are okay without internet temporarily), I was thinking of sending a reboot to the modem. Do you think that this will work? Since we have cell phones, not having the phone is not as bad as not having internet.

Comcast Landline not ringing or answering Ooma Forums

I was not sure if I should select VOIP or Landline, and I think I selected Landline, even though the Comcast Modem is both an internet and phone modem (seperate jacks for internet and phone). Ooma did setup 2 new phone number/lines for me as part of the setup - is it possible that it views the 3rd line as over the plan or something?

Cannot make outgoing call using Be Anywhere Feature

I am no longer able to make an outgoing call from my cell phone using the Be Anywhere feature. It used to work, but seems to have stopped in the last couple of weeks. When I enter a number to dial, it tries to connect and I get a message that I will not recognize the number I am about to see but the call will go through.

Problem using AT&T wireless phones with Comcast voice

Yes, I completely rebooted the phone, including removing battery and electrical. This started approx. 2 weeks after switching to Comcast voice. Replaced the AT&T phone with a loaner and for the last 4 days no problems. The AT&T phone is only 2 years old. Comcast replaced the modem with the same results.

Solution of comcast email Not working on iphone Problem

Now, select the Comcast email service that is not working and as a result you will see the following screen. In the ‘INCOMING MAIL SERVER’ section, enter the username and the hostname (mail.comcast.net). Click on ‘SMTP’ button. Under the ‘OUTGOING MAIL SERVER’, enter the username and the hostname as displayed on screen.

Issue when calling comcast landline phone users AT&T

When calling a comcast landline user the phone rings someone picks up phone, there is dead air, we can't hear each other. No matter how many times we call we can't get thru. When they call us there is not a problem. This has been happening for a few months now. We call non-comcast users without any problems.

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