Quick Asked: Comcast Landline And Internet?

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Does comcast offer internet tv or home phone? Xfinity is the brand name for Comcast's high speed Internet, TV, phone, and home security services. Who owns Xfinity? Xfinity is owned by Comcast Cable Communications, a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation.

Does comcast have good internet service? Comcast has been excellent in terms of service steady and super quick internet when I need to go online for the last seven years as their customer so the price may be considered not too desirable however my option to have that qualty or get less makes me pay what is their current asking price to keep the stellar product offered by them regardless.

Can you have internet without a landline phone? If you only use your mobile phone for communication, you might have decided that your landline phone is not necessary anymore. Internet access is still a necessity, though and luckily, internet is available without a landline phone.

Can i get internet service without a landline? Yes you can purchase internet service without having a landline phone number, but you are going to be limited to a cable based provider like Time Warner or possibly Verizon's FIOS service which is Fiber to the Curb. Most DSL providers require you to maintain a basic phone line in addition to the DSL service.

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Changed modems and landline wont work Xfinity Community

however I never needed to replace the modem for phone use although Comcast internet regularly want it replaced because it no longer works for the internet. However Comcast has not changed the way the home phone connects and that modem still worked for it. It finally was replaced due to a Comcast Store contract renewal failure in 2016.

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Why do Internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast and

Answer (1 of 3): The basic reason is they believe they can either net more profit from the bundle or they can reduce your likelihood of cancelling other services. Telephone service is still a heavily regulated market with complicated fees and regulations. Some of the fees are not directly tied t

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