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Why does my cell phone have a busy signal? A busy signal is a signal that indicates that the telephone number someone is trying to call cannot be reached because the phone is otherwise engaged, or because the circuits are busy, making the call impossible to complete.

Can you receive a text message on a landline? While it is possible to send a text to a landline, it is not generally possible to send a text from a landline to a cellular phone. The recipient of a text can sometimes choose from a menu of possible responses and send a voice message, but this voice message will not be converted to text on the cellular phone side.

Do you still need your landline phone? Some people still need a landline to operate a fax machine. Businesses are one of the few places that still have landlines. Reliable and cost-efficient cell phone service may eliminate the need for a landline. It's possible for a cell phone battery to be drained when it's needed to call 911 in an emergency.

What does a fast busy signal indicate? A fast busy signal, sometimes called a reorder tone, indicates that there is no way to reach the number dialed. Reorder tones are most often played following a recorded message describing the problem encountered with an attempted call. ... A reorder tone is very similar to the busy signal used to indicate a line that is in use, but it is noticeably faster.

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What To Do When Your Cordless Phone Says Line in Use

A busy signal indicates that the call cannot be completed for various reasons. A possible reason for getting a busy signal is that the line you are trying to call is in use or is not available. However, if this is not the case, it could be due to a power outage, disconnection, or poor network connectivity.

How to troubleshoot your landline phone with no dial tone

Is there no dial tone on your home (landline) phone? Watch this quick troubleshooting video on how-to get your phone back up and running. Don't forget, we of

Landline busy tone instead of dialtone Land lines

Landline - busy tone instead of dialtone. Archive however now when I pick up my phone, instead of getting a dialtone I get an engaged signal. When I call my PSTN number on mobile I get normal ringing tone, but my phone doesn't ring. you need to cancel the facility if it has been set. You should then get ordinary dial tone back. If it is

Receiving busy signal on landline phone Phone Phone

(703-631-8077 Busy signal over 3 years ago. For the past several weeks my landline phone (703-631-8077) sometimes does not ring for an incoming call, and I discover this only when I pick up the phone and hear a "busy" signal. Rebooting my modem (which I can do with the Cox Connect app) always fixes the problem, but this is happening about twice a week now.

Busy signals frustrate landline callers Local

For example, callers with Qwest phone service trying to call someone who is a Comcast customer often heard only busy signals. Cell phone traffic was unaffected.

Do landline phones still get a busy signal when a caller

This is still how many landline phones still operate today. A busy signal can occur when: Someone else called the number or is calling the number simultaneously. Listen for a ring or a busy signal. If the line is open, you'll hear the line ringing. If you hear a busy signal, it's likely that someone is using that phone line.

I have a dial tone but only get busy signal when i

09-16-2017 11:00 AM. I am having the exact same thing. Got everything hooked up as a new customer and the tech said phone was working. I get a dial tone but can't call out or get calls in. Busy signal on both ends. I can't call Rogers obviously and I have been waiting for a reply from Live Chat for over half an hour. That is not "live" chat.

Why a Business Phone Line Should Never Ring Busy

Under this setup, a busy signal arises when someone calls a phone that already has its single line in use. This is still how many landline phones still operate today. A busy signal can occur when: The called person is talking with another caller on the phone. The called person is calling out.

Will a busy signal come up if a landline has you blocked

Answer (1 of 2): That depends on the call-flow configuration of the underlying particular softswitch or PBX server. Certain PBX implementations have default settings for informing blocked numbers that “All circuits [are] busy,” while IVR systems may send a blocked number through a ...

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