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Why partner with salient? Salient partner programs deliver tools, resources and the expertise your company needs to implement best-of-breed performance management solutions. Partner with Salient to create new opportunities and promote your business services and solutions to new clients.

How long have salients management teams worked together? The core of Salient’s management team has worked together in a variety of capacities for nearly 20 years. We formalized our working relationships by banding together in 2002 to form Salient. Salient’s leadership and portfolio managers are often quoted in print, radio, and TV appearances.

What does the salient logo mean? The Salient logo – a transparent, three-dimensional stylized “S” – symbolizes our commitment to analyze and interpret multiple scenarios simultaneously from a variety of angles. We believe investor education is important. Salient frequently shares its perspective on markets and investing.

What is salient energys business model? Salient Energy produces zinc-ion batteries for applications in the electrical grid. Salient Energy is commercializing a revolutionary new battery based on research at the University of Waterloo. Their zinc-ion battery is perfectly suited, both technically and economically, for storing electricity in the grid.

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800-257-5872 Contact Email [email protected] Phone Number 800-257-5872 Salient Partners offers a suite of strategies focused on real assets. Its services cover energy infrastructure investments, real estate, and tactical alternatives.

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800-900-4675 Two cities. One team. For information or investor relations requests: 800-900-4675 [email protected] For investment professionals, please contact our ...

Salient Operations Group

702-444-4458 email: salient@salientoperationsgroup.com phone: 702-444-4458. ABOUT US OUR STORY OUR SERVICES Our Partners Contact US. 702.444.4458 [email protected]. Hours.

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