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Why are pool heaters fail? Compound this over the life of the heater and pH imbalance is easily responsible for most pool heater failures. Pool Heater Bonding. The most likely way that your heater is not installed correctly would be the absence of a bonding wire connected to the casing of the heater. This bonding wire is in place to protect against galvanic corrosion, which is a major cause for early pool heater failure.

How does heat pump pool heaters work? How Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work. Heat pumps use technology similar to air-conditioning units. They use a fan and compressor to take heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to your pool. This then transfers heat from the air to the refrigerant gas inside the refrigerant pipes.

What is a propane pool heater? Propane Gas pool heaters use propane as the form of energy to warm your water and are available in both Millivolt and Electronic Style ignitions. The propane gas heaters are identical to natural gas heaters but have smaller orifices for the gas valve, pilot and burners. This is necessary because of the higher delivery pressure of propane gas.

What is a pool heater pump? A pool heat pump, is a swimming pool heater that absorbs heat from the air surrounding the unit and transfers that heat into your pool water. Heat pumps are sometimes considered a cross between a solar heater and an electric heater.

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New Raypak LP heater issue. high limit Trouble Free Pool

Add bookmark. #1. Just installed my new heater. It keeps tripping the high limit 2 switch. I think it’s a 135 degree trip. I put a thermocouple on that switch and noticed that if the side cover is off, it runs 120 - 128 degrees. If I put the cover back on it runs 127 - 137 degrees and trips. Why would it run so hot.

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