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What is the difference between qymatix and sellizer? Qymatix is a predictive sales analytics tool from the German company of the same name. Sellizer is a comprehensive sales support tool that will notify the user when a Customer opens an offer and provide key statistics that users may not otherwise have access to.

What is b2b predictive analytics and how does it work? For both B2C and B2B predictive analytics, this includes demographic and behavioral information about customers and prospects. B2B sales solutions also incorporate firmographic data, or account-level web activity referred to as intent data. One of the major use cases for predictive sales analytics is predictive lead scoring.

What are the applications of predictive analytics in sales and marketing? Predictive analytics has a number of applications for enhancing sales and marketing operations, including: 1 Optimizing lead scoring 2 Streamlining the sales cycle 3 Identifying upselling/cross-selling opportunities 4 Providing sales messaging and timing information

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Qymatix Solutions GmbH Cognilytica

Predictive Sales Analytics for B2B Qymatix helps B2B companies transform data into actionable insights that support profitable growth. The AI-based Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics software provides real-time, actionable information on cross-selling, churn risk and price analytics for traditional and digital channels. Qymatix Solutions GmbH has developed a unique cloud ...

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