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What is the phone number for the national physician directory? Phone Directory General Information: (973) 322-5000 Patient Information: (973) 322-8000 Physician Referral Services: 1-888-724-7123

How do i contact the provider service center? Contact us by phone. The Provider Service Center helps with contracting, patient services, precertification and many other questions HMO and Medicare Advantage - 1-800-624-0756.

Where can i find the ns physician directory? For current physician contact information, visit NS Physician Directory at www.cpsns.ns.ca. Created Date: 5/30/2011

What is the phone number for the department of health? Phone Directory Department Phone Number Fax Number ED Physician’s Secretary 843-347-8015 843-234-5017 Employee Health 843-347-8061 843-234-6716 Endoscopy 843-234-5073 843-234-6667 Environmental Services 843-347-8121 843-347-2137 43 more rows ...

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Phone Directory Asante

(541) 201-4930 Phone directory Asante Physician Partners - clinics Ashland Family Medicine (628 N. Main) (541) 201-4930 Family Medicine (595 N. Main) (541) 789-8200 Specialty and Midwifery Services (541) 201-4850 Internal Medicine/Endocrinology (541) 201-4800 Pediatrics (541) 201-4930 Grants Pass Ear, Nose and Throat (541) 476-7775 Endocrinology (541) 507-2140

Phone Directory LewisGale Physicians

(540) 444-8100 LewisGale Physicians - 1906 Braeburn Dr (540) 444-8100 LewisGale Physicians - 3698 South Main St (540) 951-6070 LewisGale Physicians - Valley View Family Practice: (540) 265-1607

Download Physician Fax Numbers, Physician Fax List, ...

721,655 U.S. Physician Fax Number, Phone, Address* Reach Physicians in the Way They Want to be Reached. CarePrecise updates its complete master data files every month with new and changed physician and surgeon addresses, phone and fax numbers, so you'll be confident of having the most complete and up-to-date fax marketing list available anywhere.

Find Doctors Near You: Top Physician Directory

About WebMD Physician Directory. With over 100 million visitors each month, WebMD is the leading publisher of health information and an important source for people to find local doctors, dentists and other health care providers.

Phone Directory Conemaugh Health System

814.262.7290 Advanced Imaging Office:814.262.7290 Fax: (814) 262-7693: MedWELL Urgent Care Office: (814) 269-5200 Fax: (814) 269-5070

Physician Database with Phone and Fax Healthcare Data

Physicians At Office Location Database This highly accurate, phone verified database of physicians is entirely office based. High penetration rates for telephone (100%), fax (95%) and email (46%). Great for offers that need to target an office versus a home location. This database also offers NPI, UPIN, DEA and state license numbers (inquire for fill [...]

Phone Directory Texoma Medical Center

903-416-4000 Below is a directory of phone numbers at Texoma Medical Center: (All phone numbers begin with 903-416- unless otherwise noted) Main Number: 903-416-4000 ACCOUNTING, GENERAL ADMINISTRATION, BILLING & COLLECTIONS (NON-PATIENT) Main 903-416-4005 ADMITTING / PATIENT REGISTRATION 903-416-4150 903-416-4151 903-416-4152 ...

Healthcare Fax Numbers, Physician Fax Numbers, Hospital

Fax numbers of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, DME suppliers, and more, for marketing, research and clinical purposes, including address, phone, specialty. Complete and up-to-date medical fax lists.

Phone Directory Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center RWJBH

(973) 322-5000 Phone Directory General Information: (973) 322-5000 Patient Information: (973) 322-8000 Physician Referral Services: 1-888-724-7123 Medical Departments & Services

Phone Directory Einstein Health

215-456-6800 Medical Records Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Phone: 215-456-6800 Fax: 215-456-8529. Einstein Medical Center Montgomery. Phone: 484-622-1226. Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park (Moss Rehab) Phone: 215-663-6179 Fax: 215-663-6384

Phone Directory Medical City Healthcare

(972) 519-1370 Phone Directory. Medical City Healthcare / About Us / Phone Directory; Medical City Plano Phone Directory. Department/Facility. Phone Number. Additional Information. Department/Facility: Chaplain. Phone Number: (972) 519-1370. Department/Facility: Main Number: (972) 596-6800 Physician Referral: (855) 665-8627. About Us. Medical City ...

Phone Directory NUMC

516-572-0123 NUMC's phone directory includes a complete listing of phone numbers by department and specialty. Call 516-572-0123 for general information.

Phone Directory Medical Associates Dubuque, IA

(563) 584-3000 Quick reference phone numbers: Medical Associates Clinic. General Information Clinic: (563) 584-3000 Toll Free: (800) 648-6868 East Campus

Important Medical Certification Contact Information

(405) 954-4821 Important Phone Numbers and Contact Information. Department. Phone Number. FAX Number. Drug and Alcohol. (405) 954-4821. (405) 954-4300. Medical Appeals (SI, for cardiac or diabetic only) (405) 954-4821.

Provider Contact Information Contact Us Visitor

888.257.1985 For Ancillary Behavioral Health providers, please submit these same application via email to [email protected] or to the fax number mentioned above. For network contracting and performance management inquiries (regardless of state), call 888.257.1985, and then select the option for Provider followed by option 3 to speak to a

Phone Directory MatSu Regional Medical Center Palmer, AK

(907) 861-6000 Phone Directory. The following is a list of frequently requested telephone numbers. If you can't find what you are looking for, please call Mat-Su Regional Medical Center's main switchboard at (907) 861-6000. For patient names and room numbers, please contact the main switchboard for further assistance.

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