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How to find out how old a phone number is? From phonebooks.ummm.net/extracts.html , it looks like in 1960, Launceston had 5 digit numbers. The 1948 extract has some 3 and some 4 digit numbers. Plenty of pictures from other parts of the country too if you need to try to work out how old something is from a phone number!

How many 4 digit phone numbers are there in the uk? 4 Digit Codes. 4-digit codes, starting with either 011x or 01×1 and followed by a further 7-digit phone numbers serve large cities and surrounding areas. These normally shown as 01xx yyy yyyy. There are 12 such are or dialling codes in the UK: 0113 Leeds. 0114 Sheffield. 0115 Nottingham. 0116 Leicester. 0117 Bristol. 0118 Reading. 0121 Birmingham

What is a 7 digit phone number? Telephone engineers created a 7-digit system for “ all number calling ” to expand their pool of possible number combinations. The first 3 digits would correspond to a certain phone service provider, and the last 4 digits would remain as a personal calling code.

When did 5 digit phone numbers first appear in the directory? Telephone numbers ranging up to 5 digits first appear in the 1917 City Directory. Telephone numbers with standard 5 digits first appear in the 1950 City Directory. Telephone numbers with a combination of two letters and five digits first appear in 1958.

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The Old Telephone Numbers of Chicago Look Back, Chicago!

Ghost sign for Anderson Brothers Storage. WE5-0013. (The old phone number is now painted over, but the WE stood for WEllington) 4397 N. Elston Avenue in Mayfair. Vintage sign for El-Mont Liquors

Old 4digit phone numbers Ephemeral New York

March 7, 2009. If it were November 26 and we were in the 1890s, it would be The Village Postmaster, strangely described in this Brooklyn Daily Eagle ad “as full of good, healthy fun as an egg is of meat.”. The Grand Opera House used to be between Fulton and Livingston Streets in downtown Brooklyn. Check out that great old 4-digit phone number:

IPhone asking for a 4digit passcode but ... Apple Community

I set up a 6-digit passcode when I upgraded to iOS 9 back in September. When I woke up this morning and tried to unlock my phone using Touch ID, my phone (iPhone 6) asked for a passcode, but it is asking for a 4-digit passcode. My old 4-digit passcode did not work and I cannot enter a 6-digit one.


As the city grew, names gave way to double-digit phone numbers, then two more digits were added, and eventually a telephone number would be identified by the numbers of the street where the

My android phone won't unlock even though I remember the 4

The User Guide for my phone says I can use Google to fix the problem. I have accessed my Gmail account from my phone. Google account does lists an old phone number but on my Google account on my Apple Computer it shows my phone and gives me 3 options: SIGN OUT, FIND DEVICE or DON'T RECOGNIZE THIS DEVICE.

4 digit text numbers Verizon Community

Re: 4 digit text numbers. 05-07-2011 11:44 AM. Simply put the numbers in the contact area of a new text message or create anew contact with the 4 digit number in the phone number space it will send just like any other text. Correct Answer!

Solved: I have an old Rickmansworth 4 digit number how c

Go to solution. I have asked a moderator to comment, should they have any suggestions. The dialling code for Rickmansworth is 01923, but numbers are now six digits long. The prefix may be 77. You could always try ringing the number, using the code, prefix digits and number. I am sure you could work it out.

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