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Can landinsight tell me who the owner of a site is? LandInsight can tell you whether the owner company of a site is has a 'parent' company and can link you to their contact information. This feature is exclusive to our Unlimited Plan users. To learn how to use the Ultimate Owner feature, click here. So you cant see the freeholder's name?

What can i do with landinsight go? With LandInsight GO you can easily keep a record of site opportunities you discover while on the road. You’re also able find out who owns a site and its size, take photos and comment on the site you save. You can also view and manage all your existing sites across the desktop .

How has landinsight changed your life? LandInsight has saved me 75-80% of time looking at planning portals and going on archaic local authorities' websites. I use it everyday to work out off-market opportunities. LandInsight is the whole package of insights and information – in one.

How do i request a year end statement from insight? If you’ve requested that we not send receipts via postal mail, please call us at 1-800-523-6959 or e-mail us at [email protected] , and we will be happy to send you your year-end statement.

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How to find and contact the owner of a site? LandInsight

Step 2: Click on the site for which you wish to find ownership details. The address, freeholder and leaseholder information will show up in the Land Ownership tab. (Depending on the size of your display you may have to scroll down past the site address to see this information.) In the above example, the freeholder for the site is "LOTUS GROUP

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