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What is the jwt folk agency? JWT Folk treat people as people and work hard at understanding how to connect with them. “The new agency was created in direct response to the challenges brands face in today’s consumer landscape. People don’t care about advertising anymore and actively avoid it.

What is the new ajjwt folk? JWT Folk is the new name for the agency that has been created by the merger of DDFH&B and Target McConnells. Operating as part of the WPP-owned JWT, the new agency will be headed up by CEO Abi Moran and will employ over 80 staff.

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Folk Wunderman Thompson Full Service Agency ...

At JWT Folk we impact culture for commercial gain. To make the biggest impact on our clients bottom line, we’re obsessed with understanding people and the cultures they are influenced by. We don’t create ideas for ‘target audiences’ or ‘demographics’. We create ideas for real folk. Ideas infused with genuine cultural empathy.

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Design Director at JWT Folk Michael Cullen If you want to work with us Folk – get in touch with [email protected] 4 Like Comment Share. Join now to see what you are missing

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