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What is intellectual property management services? 1. Industry Overview Businesses in the intellectual property management services industry help corporations, businesses and inpiduals manage their assets such as patents, trademarks, brand names and franchise agreements for a licensing fee which is paid to the asset holder.

How to manage intellectual property rights in your business? Another important thing is to carefully integrate it within their corporate strategy. This means taking intellectual property matters into consideration when drafting business and marketing plans. A standard IP strategy should at least include policies on acquisition, use and monitoring of intellectual property.

What is an effective intellectual property program? An effective intellectual property program incorporates the technological, management and commercial facets of the company into a comprehensive policy to evaluate, protect and best use its ideas and developments related to existing, new and improving products and processes and proprietary information relating to the company's business.

Which company is best for intellectual property management consulting? Top Intellectual Property Management Consulting/Services Companies 1 Acumass. Acumass is one of the world's leading IP service companies. ... 2 Black Hills IP. ... 3 Darrow Mustafa PC. ... 4 Nath, Goldberg & Meyer (NGM) 5 Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian. ... 6 CPA Global. ... 7 Haug Partners. ... 8 Knobbe Martens. ...

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IPM, The Intellectual Property Management Company, Inc. is a joint venture with the United Internet Group of Companies. United Internet is a publicly traded German Corporation with a market cap of

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