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Where can i get a hydrohoist lift? Servicing Lake Travis, the Highland Lakes, Lake Belton, Lake Medina, Lake Brownwood, Lake Whitney and anywhere else high quality craftsmanship is needed. At Dependable Docks we are proud to offer HydroHoist® lifts and boat dock accessories.

How does a hydrohoist work? All the lifts HydroHoist makes work on the same concept: flood the tanks to sink the hoist below the boat, drive off; on return, drive over the submerged lift, hit the button to pump air into the tanks,evacuating the water and raise the lift, boat and all – simple and effective.

What size boat does a hydrohoist fit? The UltraLift Series fits most boats ranging from 4,400 lbs. (1,996 kg) to 32,000 lbs. (14,515 kg), and is available with shallow water and front mount options. HydroHoist’s most popular model lift, it uses polyethylene tanks, which are highly resistant to impact or low-water damage.

What are the different types of hydhydrohoist lifts? HydroHoist makes three different lift types: HarborHoist, UltraLift, and E-Series. These cover most types of boats and marina locations, from open-ocean to harbors, lakes, and rivers. The HarborHoist is used in tidal situations, the UltraLift and Economy E-Series are typically used with U-shaped floats in fresh water.

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