Quick Asked: How Long Is Discord Phone Number Timeout?

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How often does discord ask for phone number verification? Discord may ask you to verify your phone number several times per week/month or never. It all depends on how you use the platform. Highest (Phone) Verification Level is a special section on your Discord account where you can choose to verify your phone number to join someone’s community.

Can i delete my phone number from discord? You should also know that once you connect your phone number with your Discord account, you won’t be able to remove it manually. The only way to do it is to delete your account from the platform or change the phone number setting. You can’t avoid entering the necessary details once you receive a notification that you need to verify your account.

How long does a ban last on discord? These bans usually last an hour, but sometimes can last longer. Temporary Ban: The user is temporarily banned from accessing Discord. Account Termination: The user's account gets disabled and then deleted later. They are allowed to make a new account.

Do you need a personal number to use discord? Discord doesn’t require you to connect your personal number to the account per se. You can also link your work phone or a random number you barely use, so long as it’s active. That being said, if you want to replace the current digits on your account, it’s no trouble at all.

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Phone Verification timeout period? : discordapp

Im sure this has been asked more than 10000 times already. (Im sorry) but, when does the timeout period for the Invalid Phone Verification end? I have been impatient because I had my account falsely terminated by discord with my phone number on it 7 months ago and it still wouldn't work to this day.

How long is the phone verification timeout ? : discordapp

14 days, which is the time it takes for your account to get actually deleted. 1. level 2. xgovernmentx. Op · 4y. Aw snap. 14 days is an awful long time to wait : ( Shitty system man. 3. level 1. udderlymoovelous.

How long is a Phone Number Timeout? : discordapp

2 weeks. If you try to use the number again after the timeout then it will be removed from any account currently using it and you'll be forced to verify with a number again. 2 level 2 garyy_47 Op · 9 mo. ago anyway to fix it? 1 Continue this thread level 2 AthenaAshdown · 4 mo. ago

Phone Verification Timeout – Discord

Same problem with me. I have 2 Discord accounts. I own a server on my 2nd one (which is not this one), and I wanted to set up 2-factor auth on it (google Auth and SMS) and it worked, but then I received a message on my main account (and the email that it is registered under), it said my phone number was removed and added to a different account.

I have been locked out of discord so many times because of

I don't have a phone and I don't really want to go and buy one and have to pay for phone service Is there a way to verify the phone number without a phone I am getting tired and very annoyed with having to create a new alt every week

Discord Phone Number Verification Timeout Schools

Timeout number : discordapp. Schools Details: I've wanted to help out someone for his 2F Verification phone number and since then, my number is not linked to my Discord anymore. I also can't assign it back because it says my number is invalid. It looks like my number is on a timeout period. I've read on many forums that this should last 14 days. verify by phone ...

How Long Before Disconnected Number Goes Back Into Pool To

Most phone companies, including VZW, "age" disconnected numbers -- that is, keep them unavailable for assignment to other customers -- for 60 to 90 days. (The major exception to this is in the VoIP world, where number turnover is a lot higher and aging periods can be as short as a day or two.

How long is a discord phone timeout? : discordapp

how long is a discord phone timeout? got locked out of my account because i had to use my alt to test something, now im stuck with this screen and cant really do anything about it. when i do put my number in post of the time i dont even recieve my code, i get rate limited, and when i do recieve the code, it says the number is from another

How to Disconnect Phone Number From Discord

Replacing Phone Number. Discord doesn’t require you to connect your personal number to the account per se. You can also link your work phone or a random number you barely use, so long as it’s

Phone verification timeout length? : discordapp

Well I just used my alt Discord account to test out if a bot was working, and my main account got locked with a timeout, saying my number is invalid. This is really fucking annoying. -.-. This shouldn't happen if your account already has been verified with a phone number, has 2FA, and a valid email attached.

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