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What does hokkaidō takushoku bank mean? The Hokkaidō Takushoku Bank, Ltd. (北海道拓殖銀行, Hokkaidō Takushoku Ginkō), literally Hokkaidō Exploitation Bank, was a major commercial bank in Japan, founded in 1899 as a "Special Bank" to promote capitalism on the island of Hokkaidō. Its nickname was Takugin (拓銀 or たくぎん); it was also known in the media and business world as Hokutaku (北拓).

What is a hokuyo scanning sensor? The Hokuyo scanning sensors are great 2D obstacle scanners. They can be used in fixed locations to detect if an object enters its scan area, and can be used on mobile platforms that need to do obstacle detection and avoidance as they move. There are two categories of sensors: outdoor sensors tha Read More

How does hokuyo contribute to the environmental improvement? In such an automated society, Hokuyo contributes to the environmental improvement in the area of “Optics” of each automated device. Hokuyo promotes lead-free solders in response to the Directive on RoHS and green procurement in order to realize earth-conscious products as a corporation.

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TEL : +81-6-6441-2239 FAX : +81-6-6441-2204 E-mail : [email protected]. We have our worldwide distributions network, we guide you to our partner in your region and please feel free to contact us. Overseas Office (for Korean market) HOKUYO KOREA Co., Ltd. 104-211, 397 Seokcheon-Ro, Ojeong-Gu, Bucheon-City, Korea

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Hokuyo Bank provides various products and services to support its customers' needs for raising funds necessary for their business activities. It supports the efficiency and rationalization of customers' financial and accounting operations by providing various solutions to meet a wide range of their needs.

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Bank/Post office Hokuyo Bank Nopporo Central Branch (1.6km, 20 minutes walk) Nopporo Station Post Office (1.4km, 17 minutes walk, 4 minutes drive) Contact Us 0120266078 From 9:00 to 18:00. From 9:00 to 18:00 Follow

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