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How do events get added to headfirst? Events are ordered by their listing score, events with richer content (photos, facebook pages, media content) are given a higher score. If 2 events have the same score, the first to be added to Headfirst is shown above. That's great to hear. Currently we are only working with a select group of Bristol promoters.

What is the meaning of headfirst? English Language Learners Definition of headfirst : with the head leading : without taking time to think about your actions See the full definition for headfirst in the English Language Learners Dictionary

How do i contact first group for a job? For all career queries, please contact [email protected]. To find out about current vacancies, please visit our careers website . For supplier accounts payable queries, please contact:

How does headfirst email tickets to friends? Headfirst emails you 1 pdf for each ticket. As long as each of your friends arrives with an unused pdf (on their phone or printed) they can arrive whenever they like. How do I add my event to Headfirst? Adding events to Headfirst is free. You'll need to setup Headfirst promoter account, which takes around 2 minutes.

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For all Expert Witness referrals please contact on: 01580 755200 or email: [email protected] Training Case Managers at Head First regularly present at conferences and have delivered bespoke lectures, seminars and workshops on rehabilitation, case management and care for professionals working in the field of brain injury, Solicitors, Support

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