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What are some examples of excellent customer service? Providing excellent customer service comes from having excellent interpersonal skills. Therefore, examples of excellent customer service involve any time a person employs these interpersonal skills. Some of these skills include communication, listening, assertiveness, self-control and positive thinking.

What do you consider to be excellent customer service? Excellent customer service is when a customer’s problems have been solved quickly and the company has greatly exceeded expectations in the process. Excellent customer service typically means consumers are willing to tell others about the experience.

How do you describe excellent customer service? Excellent customer service includes treating your customers with respect and helping them solve their problems efficiently. Customer service tactics may differ based on industry. The ideal experience is smooth, pleasant and memorable for the customer.

What is an example of bad customer service? An example of bad customer service is when a company makes false promises in order to get customers in the door and then fails to deliver on the promise. Like all bad customer service, such behavior discourages customers from using that business in the future.

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50 Great Complimentary Words to Use in Customer Service

The ten examples below are great for complimenting an aspect of the customer’s personality: “I appreciate you being so enthusiastic about following this up.” “I think you’re just being humble .” “I’m always happy to have a conversation with such a friendly person.” “It is great that you have been so thorough in your research.”

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