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What is data enrichment in sales? Sales experts describe data enrichment as a method of structuring, implementing and refining information on prospects, leads and customers. In other words — more information for your contacts at all stages of the sales journey. Why bother with data enrichment in the first place?

What is crm enrichment and how does it work? CRM Enrichment: Improve the data held on contacts and accounts alike by importing data from several sources into your CRM system. This gives you real-time data without the need to hunt for it yourself, saving hours of time on unnecessary sales activity.

Are your data enrichment efforts gdpr compliant? Indeed, with GDPR shaking things up, it’s wise to worry whether or not your data enrichment efforts are compliant. Data enrichment relies on collecting and packaging data that is already available in the public domain. Therefore, there’s an auditable trail of where that data came from.

Why is data enrichment so important in todays landscape? Which is why data enrichment is so important in today’s landscape. Data enrichment brings publicly available data together to build a richer profile of your customers.

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