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Can you contact me by phone? You can still contact me by phone, though. By phone is the common phrase used when you are expressing a method of contacting you (again, in AmE, BrE could be different) - and where that method would be a standard voice phone call. You can still contact me through your phone though.

Why cant i be contacted by being called via phone? the person who you are talking to is not expecting to be able to use a phone for some reason, or doesn't realize a phone is available to him (maybe they have a bullhorn or other communication tool instead). rather than you saying that you can be contacted by being called. Via implies travel and a path, or something like a carrier/delivery service.

What is the phone number to call to file a claim? Or, call 1-800-776-4737 . (Average email response time is 5 business days. Fields with an asterisk are required.) * Your question about your claim.

Is it via or on your phone? And "via" invokes the idea of physically transporting somewhere using the phone as a highway. If you absolutely must use one of those two, "via" is more correct, but it is still very odd. I'd recommend "with your phone", "on your/the phone", or "by phone". I use "on". Like being on the computer, one would be on the phone.

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How do I contact Elgato support via phone? – Elgato

A call to an 0330 number costs the same as a call to a normal home or business landline. If your phone tariff offers free calls to landlines at certain times of day, or has inclusive calls or bundled minutes that cover calls to landline numbers, calls to 0330 numbers (and all other 03 numbers) will be included in these deals on the exact same

Via phone MIT Admissions

617.253.3400 Via phone Our phone number is 1.617.253.3400. That’s it. That’s the number you’d call. Even though we are working from home, that is still the number you’d call. This probably didn’t need to be its own page, but now that it’s here, you can watch this true and factual documentary video of what it looks like on our end when you call us.

Please contact me via email or phone or Please contact me

45 6789; Encl. Cc: John O. Smith BOOKING YOUR SESSION. Please contact me by email or phone to book your session. To secure the wanted time and date there's a ...

Cannot make phone calls. TMobile Community

3 hours ago · L lgrujcic First activity 0 replies I just merged from Sprint. I am unable to contact support via phone call. It says my old phone number is still in use even though I do not have the old phone or sim card. I can still get texts from numbers that do not use iMessage however I cannot get any phone calls even over internet.

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