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How do you dispose of old cell phone? Recycle your old cordless phone. Companies like Barclay Enterprises will enable you to dispose of your cordless phone and base in an environmentally friendly manner. Depending on the recycler you choose, you may be able to drop your cordless phone off in person at an authorized recycling center.

Where to donate old cell phones?

  1. EcoATM. EcoATM is an automated kiosk that collects your unwanted cell phones and tablets and gives you cash for them.
  2. Eco-Cell. Eco-Cell is a Louisville, Kentucky-based e-waste recycling company. It partners with nonprofits and organizations such as the Jane Goodall Institute.
  3. Best Buy. Best Buy has recycling kiosks in their stores in the US, as well as recycling in-store for no charge to you.
  4. Hope Phones. The Hope Phones campaign was started in 2009 by Medic Mobile, which works to advance health care in 16 countries by using mobile technology.
  5. Cell Phones for Soldiers. Cell Phones for Soldiers is a nonprofit that works to provide cost-free communication services to active-duty military and veterans.
  6. Gazelle. Gazelle is one of the most popular trade-in options for old cell phones. The company is headquartered in Boston, with locations in Louisville, Kentucky and in Texas.
  7. Call2Recycle. Call2Recyle is a no-cost recycling program for batteries and cell phones in the US and Canada. ...
  8. Your carrier. AT&T has a trade-in program for unwanted phones and accessories regardless of manufacturer or carrier.
  9. Local places. Your city undoubtedly has places to recycle old phones. Most local government websites, like New York's, have directions of where to go to recycle phones.
  10. Recycling for Charities. This nonprofit features one charity at a time, for which they donate money from recycling old phones.

Does walmart recycle cell phones? How to get started: Recycle your old cell phones through Walmart.com. Print the free shipping label and affix to package. Drop it in the mail. Proceeds from recycled phones will help support United Way, a national network of more than 1,300 locally governed organizations that help communities. Fee(s): None.

What store buys old cell phones?
  1. Swappa. Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace that ensures only gently-used technology is sold to buyers. ...
  2. Gazelle. Gazelle is one of the leading “reCommerce” sites around. ...
  3. Decluttr. Decluttr is a site that will happily sell you its used phone inventory. ...
  4. eBay. With eBay, you can purchase (or bid, if you’d like) with peace of mind if you follow the general guidelines and read valid reviews.
  5. Amazon. Amazon allows you to purchase used phones directly from manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Apple, Huawei, or any local sellers.
  6. SellCell. Want to compare all sellers in one place? SellCell compares sites like Amazon, DeCluttr, Gazelle, and more.

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Phone recycling machines doing more harm than good

The 17-year-old is charged with a number of theft charges after police say she used a stolen ID and sold 26 stolen phones to ecoATM machines for cash.

EcoATM Sell my Phone near me Walmart Shepherdsville, KY

By 2024, Americans will be recycling nearly 200 million tablets, phones, and other devices on an annual basis. And, we hear from customers all the time asking, “Where can I sell my phone in Shepherdsville, KY?” To better meet this growing demand, ecoATM provides a simple way to sell your phone in Shepherdsville, KY.

Walmart Electronics TradeIn Program Less Is More

Walmart offers a program to its members for the free trade-in or recycling of working or non-working e-readers, tablets, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, game systems, MP3 players, car audio players, GPS navigators, and car amplifiers. Consumers may use an on-line calculator to determine the trade-in value of their electronic equipment.

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