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How do i contact amp customer service? Contact Centre From time to time, AMP may contact you in relation to offers or campaigns using the phone numbers below. All caller ID's in the range 02 8364 6000 - 02 8364 6999 and 03 7007 6000 - 03 7007 6999 are from AMP. The AMP Customer Advocate

How do i connect a phone to an amp? I can't give the Amps model number until I get home Monday. You can easily connect virtually any phone to an amp, provided that you use a 3.5mm jack to phono cable. Simply plug the jack into your phone, and the other end (the red and white plugs) into your amp of choice.

Where can i find more information about att connected car? More information is available on the AT&T Connected Car website. AT&T Wireless Internet (AWI) provides a traditional telephone line and data and are only eligible on AT&T's Wireless Internet devices (which are a combo cellular embedded router with phone jack). These plans can not be activated on other hotspots or routers.

Can you put an amp in a car? However, since car amps use a different power source the single biggest challenge is getting enough power to them. They also use a remote-on wire to turn the amp on & off so it doesn’t draw power and kill your battery when installed in a car.

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800 245 500 Your AMP holder number is shown on a hard copy of your dividend statement. If you can't find your holder number, please email the AMP Investor Relations team at shares@ amp.com.au or phone 1800 245 500 (Aus), 0800 440 195 (NZ) or 0808 234 5867 (UK) Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm (Sydney time). Other countries can call +612 8364 6053.

MP3 or Phone to Car Amp Without Head Unit / Como

When you identify a wire that is 12V when placing the car key on the ACC position (usually red) connect the blue wire to this wire and to the terminal marked Remote On at the amp. you can install a switch on the blue cable, otherwise the amplifier will turn on each time you turn on the car. Finally connect the black wire to the ground terminal

AT&T Expands Connected Car Options AT&T

800-331-0500 Beginning this week, AT&T Unlimited Plan customers may add select connected cars or a ZTE Mobley vehicle Wi-Fi plug-in device to the plan for $40 each month for unlimited data [1]. Unlimited Plan customers also can get 1GB of data per month for $10 per connected car or ZTE Mobley [2]. For more information, call 800-331-0500 or click here.

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