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Is there free 800 number for 411 calls? Instead, add one of these free alternatives to your speed-dial: Free 411 (800-373-3411) If you don't mind listening to a 10-second ad first, Free 411 lives up to its name, giving you free business and residential listings (which can optionally be delivered via text message).

Is the 411 directory assistance a free call? free directory assistance (via the 411 phone number), in most cases telephone customers are now charged a fee (typically $1.00 or more) for each directory assistance call. Despite the charges, U.S. consumers continue to avail themselves of the 411 directory assistance service, placing about 6 billion such calls per year.

Is the 411 number free for verizon wireless? Actually Verizon Wireless does charge $1.99 for each users 411 calls on their bill. The outsourced company providing the service charges Verizon Wireless $0.49 per use. It is pure profit, but nothing wrong with that given the convenience and free options out there.

Is 411 a prime number? The prime factorization of 411 = 3•137. The number 411 is not a prime number because it is possible to factorize it. In other words, 411 can be pided by 1, by itself and at least by 3 and 137.

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Carrier411 Contact Us

(321) 286-5171 Carrier411 Services, Inc. 1540 International Parkway Suite 2000 Lake Mary, FL 32746 Phone: (321) 286-5171 Toll-Free: (888) 411-9661 Fax: (321) 286-0474

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