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How long was a telephone number in the past? The length of early telephone numbers depended on the number of subscribers attached to a particular exchange: if there were fewer than 10 subscribers, a single digit sufficed. One single-digit number survived in Scotland until 1990.

What was the phone number in the 1960s with exchange names? Our phone service went to dial in 1960 and we did have the seven digit number with an exchange name. CEdar 4-****. Until into the 1970's though if we were making a local call all we had to dial was 5 digits 4-****. We only needed the extra two digits if it was long distance.

What is a 7 digit phone number? Telephone engineers created a 7-digit system for “ all number calling ” to expand their pool of possible number combinations. The first 3 digits would correspond to a certain phone service provider, and the last 4 digits would remain as a personal calling code.

When did 5 digit phone numbers first appear in the directory? Telephone numbers ranging up to 5 digits first appear in the 1917 City Directory. Telephone numbers with standard 5 digits first appear in the 1950 City Directory. Telephone numbers with a combination of two letters and five digits first appear in 1958.

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I forgot my 4 digit code to erase all my ... Apple Community

iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 11.1, Hard Reset help Posted on Nov 26, 2017 4:33 PM Reply I have this question too (1970) I have this question too Me too (1970) Me too

My family is getting text spam from 4digits phone numbers

If you tap the "i" you will be taken to another page, and on that page, down toward the bottom, there will be a "Block This Caller," option. Tap this to block calls an texts from any incoming number on an iOS system level. These 4 digits are randomly generated, blocking one at a time doesn't usually work.

Old Sydney telephone numbers Land lines

posted 2012-Oct-3, 10:11 am AEST. ref: whrl.pl/RdkNtn. posted 2012-Oct-3, 10:11 am AEST. Ok, it seems I misremembered. I do remember our number being 24306, and that B4306 was still written on the phone dial. So I guess the B could have been changed to 2 some time in the 50s. User #53522 20381 posts.

Can someone unauthorized crack the 4 digit screen lock on

Can someone unauthorized crack the 4 digit screen lock on Android cell phone? I lost my phone. It is an Android device, and I have a screen lock in place.I have sensitive financial info on the phone, which I used to access after entering the 4 digit lock code. I deactivated my SIM from the service provider. Is my info safe?.

Periods in Phone Numbers – Overthinking Design

912.201.4121 Phone numbers with dashes were distinctive from dates and money numbers, now they all look nearly alike as people write to be different, 912.201.4121 or $912,201,412 or 9.12.2014. A glance will certainly not be enough any more. I think phone numbers with dots is the triumph of stupidity over clarity.

Short Code Texting: What it Is, How it Works and How to Use it

Enter the short code in the same area you’d enter a regular phone number. You can enter the 5-digit phone number or 6-digit phone number here. Short codes can also sometimes be 4-digits long. Write your text. If you’re texting a keyword (i.e., JOIN) to subscribe to a text marketing list or to enter a contest, you’d enter the keyword in

Any Info on Weird 4 Digit Scam Calls? : RBI

I barely get telemarketing calls bc I use a cell phone and am pretty sure I put my number on the no call list. Yesterday I got a call and the number read "4009" as an incoming number. I thought it was really odd, bc the only time I have seen weird 4-5 digit numbers was via SMS messaging, and usually only from a business you sign the to receive

4 digit phone numbers? HowardForums

Since I've gotten the phone, I get countless missed calls from a "6113" (among some other lady who keeps calling and leaving not only her number but her full mailing address). Anyway, whats up with the 4 digit phone number? I can't call it back, it says it's invalid. I finally brought the phone in one day and answered a call from this person.

When did 5 digit phone numbers begin usage in the US

The 7-digit numbers stayed until about the 1990s when telephone companies required area code+exchange+personal number. What year was 4 digit phone numbers used? View results. Study Guides .

How to text to a 4 digit number Apple Community

iMessage converts a 4 digit number to phone number format. trying to send text to 4448. imessage will change to 444-8 which then will be rejected.

The Most Common and Least Used 4Digit PIN Numbers

Numerically based (0-9) 4-digit PIN numbers only allow for a total of 10,000 possible combinations, so it stands to reason that some combinations are going to be far more common than others. The question is whether or not your personal PIN number choices are among the commonly used ones or ‘stand out’ as being more unique.

4 digit phone numbers? Vendio

I lived in a c 25,000 pop. town in Nebraska and seem to remember our phone number growing from 5 digits to 7 digits around 1960. My grandparents in Omaha already had extra digits added with the inclusion of two digits indicating their local exchange (or neighborhood telephone office) which was the numbers that corresponded to MA (stood for Market).

4Digit Phone Numbers??? AnandTech Forums: Technology

Jan 24, 2005. 2,475. 0. 0. Apr 25, 2012. #1. My wife keeps getting random calls from four digit number. There is usually an Indian on the other line trying to sell her something. When she asks why they are calling her they quickly hang up.

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