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Where is telephone country code 256? 256 is the country code for Uganda. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. Dial the international call prefix. For calls from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) this is 00 (or '+' from mobile phones).

Is 256 an odd number? No, number 256 is not an odd number. Two hundred and fifty-six is not an odd number, because when it is pided by 2 it will leave no comma spot.

Where is 256 area code? The 256 Area Code (or Area Code 256) is located in the state of AL. Area Code 256 is one of the 269 3-digit telephone area codes in the USA.

Is 256 a prime or composite number? is Prime Number. No, 256 is not a prime number, it is a composite number. Because 256 has pisors rather than 1 and itself. 256 can be pided by 2 and 2.

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256385 Phone Numbers in Cullman, Alabama

256-385-9903 256-385-9903 Gudrinne Lontz. 256-385-7011 Tolbert Siracusa. 256-385-2543 Neeta Baumann. 256-385-3932 Varick Bennet. 256-385-2224 Kordney Follmer. 256-385-2974

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